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FAQ about Pole Fitness:

-What is Pole Fitness?
Pole Fitness is a worldwide competitive style of performance art that has exploded with mainstream popularity. Pole Fitness is a dancing style that combines acrobatics, cirque, and gymnastics. Pole is a unique exercise apparatus that will give you a full body workout by using your own body weight as you learn spins, climbs, holds, and poses. International competitions are held where youth, teens, men, and women express their artistic and athletics abilities. Pole Fitness is being considered as one of the competitive games of the 2016 Olympics!

-What are the Classroom Rules?
Students should arrive to class 15 minutes early to ensure that they have time to properly warm up with the group. Students should not wear any kind of body lotion or hand lotion to prevent slipping. All jewelry should be left at home! It CAN NOT be worn during class! It will scratch the finish off of the poles.

-What should I expect in a Pole Fitness class?
We will begin class with a dynamic warm up to prepare our body for the fun workout ahead. With each lesson we will learn several spins, transitions, and a pose. At the end of class we will take what we have learned, and put our moves together in a short routine, followed by a cool down, and stretch.

-What should I wear to class?
In the beginning levels of Pole Fitness it is good to wear comfortable athletic clothes such as: mid calf yoga pants, with sports bra, and t-shirt; athletic shorts are also fine. Shoes will not be needed for class.

-What do I need to bring with me?
As a Pole Fitness student you should keep a journal of what you are learning, so bring a notebook and pen to write down your weekly lesson. Always bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated. Other items such as leg warmers, or a personal yoga mat are good to have in your pole-gym bag.