Soul Sweat: Ninety minutes of the same, never changing program designed to allow you to take your practice as lightly or intensely as you need to. Gentle warm up, standing series, balancing series, held asanas, vinyasa flow, and deep stretching to give you a well rounded but intense practice. All levels welcome, but listen to your body and come hydrated. Fun loud music keeps this class high energy and your mind focused.


Soul Sixty: Vey similar to the Soul Sweat class, just without some of the poses being held the second time, and a few small pieces taken out in order to keep the class all within an hour so you get your practice in and go on with your day!


Hot 26: The traditional hot yoga practice. This class is 26 held asanas repeated twice to twist your body and increase circulation, flushing every organ with new fresh blood while detoxing and strengthening.


Hot Yin: Need to destress, relax, and stretch to the deepest level of your body’s capability? This class is NOT RESTORATIVE. While it is nice and slow, it takes an intense concentration to hold sometimes difficult poses to release your bodies deepest physical stress and give you an incredible nights sleep.

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