Capella's Ballet Dance Class

Ballet is the foundation to all dance and is very important in a dancers life. It is a classical dance form which demands grace and precision and also includes formal steps  which create expression through movement. In Capella’s ballet classes, we will be focusing on turnout, all five positions of the feet, jumps, turns and leaps. Students will learn to be graceful from the tips of their fingers to the tips of their toes. We will strive on developing flexibility and strengthening body core (the center or abdominals) as a strong core is essential for turns and many other ballet movements. Your child will be placed in the appropriate class depending on their ability and age. They will be evaluated often to make sure they are in the right class and are getting the most out of their experience.  Before the age of 7, students will do most of the class out on the floor to gain balance and learn how to center their body. As an example we will be stretching and flexing the feet, working on their turn out, and learning how to carry their body while walking, skipping and marching. After the age of 7, more stretching and conditioning exercises are introduced along with barre work. (Preferred) Attire for ballet class will be leotards and tights which may be any color. It is important to see body form so the teacher can evaluate the student’s alignment and technique.  Pink ballet shoes for girls and black or white ballet shoes for boys. Hair must be pulled back and off the face, as this can become a distraction for the dancer and also the teacher. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for your ballerina but also taken seriously. Ballet will improve posture, increase flexibility, and most importantly challenge both the body and mind.