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Charities and Affiliates


Youth Protection Advocates in Dance


“Our power comes from the commitment of many who care about creating positive, empowered, healthy dance environments filled with community building, Life lessons and the nurturing children and teens need to navigate this world as strong, holistic being!” At Capella’s Dance Studio we support this non-profit organization and what it stands for to continue to bring more positive music to the dance world in order to teach to positive lyrics.






Angela/Vroooom assists in sponsoring and supporting Steeplechase. Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens is a yearly event focusing on raising  funds for the arts for Columbus, Georgia. Angela believes strongly in the development of love for the arts in young children. That is why Angela/Vroooom chose to sponsor the 2014 Junior Pony Race at Steeplechase. By continually involving themselves in the community, Angela believes that more and more children can gain better access to higher levels of involvement in sports. Capella’s isn’t just about dancing. It’s about believing that every child can achieve higher levels of progress in all areas of development. That is what makes Capella’s special.


United Way

Dancing impUnited_Way_Logo.svg_-300x128roves the development of children. This development extends into the lives of children. Capella’s doesn’t just stop there. By partnering with United Way, they can extend this further into the lives of children and families.  Capella’s assists United Way in creating positive change in the Chattahoochee Valley community by  providing resources for them.  United Way focuses on giving food , shelter, financial assistance, counselling, and education. Capella’s wants not only to increase the child’s physical ability through dance but also to improve the quality of their lives.

American Cancer Society

AmericanCancerSociety-300x194Nothing is more devastating than to see a child suffer from cancer. Capella’s is committed to the fight against cancer.  Columbus, Georgia serves as a center for cancer treatment through the John Amos Cancer Center.  Capella’s takes this opportunity of being physically close to these centers by partnering with local charities that help fight these awful conditions. No child should be made to suffer. Capella’s  is focused on providing whatever services, resources, and assistance they can to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow and development into adulthood with a bright future.


Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Small businesses employ about 43 percent of the U.S. workforce. That is why Capella’s is committed to  helping small businesses grow in the Columbus area., Angela (owner of Capella’s and Vroooom) has served on the board at the Chamber of Commerce and is an ongoing supporter. Capella’s believes that progress only occurs when those wanting it are willing to work for it. Being involved with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce means not only supporting small businesses in the area but ensuring that almost half the workforce in Columbus