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Benefits of Adult Dance

By February 28, 2017Ballroom

Dance is much much more than a once-weekly extra curricular activity for young girls.  It is a sport, it is a creative outlet, and for some it is a lifestyle.  Adult dance is not something that many people think to participate in, but at Capella’s we offer many adult classes.  There are several benefits you can gain from adult dance.

First and foremost, adult dance reduces stress levels.  There are so many things that are going on that could cause you stress and anxiety, and dance can take it all away.  Any type of exercise is vital to your mental health and emotional health.  But dance is proven to be the biggest stress reliever of them all!

Secondly, dancing is an awesome and fun way to burn calories.  Often times, working out is looked at as a chore and isn’t an enjoyable thing for most people.  However, dance is something fun that you will look forward to doing!

Believe it or not, adult dance can help improve your memory.  When you are constantly having to remember 8 counts and different choreography, your brain is being put to work!  Studies have shown that dance classes are a great preventative tool for memory loss and dementia.  Retaining choreography helps aide a healthy mind!

Lastly, dance classes can lead to some of the best friendships.  When you dance with others, you form relationships and bonds like no other!  You become comfortable around people in a way that you never could have imagined.

Now that you know all about the awesome things that come from dance, schedule a class with us at Capella’s.  We offer many different adult classes, including ballroom, ballet, tap, hip hop, and even hot yoga.  You can view all of our prices and schedules on the website.


We cannot wait to have you dance with us!

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