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 Our Story

Angela and Katie met in 2000 at the first Columbus Wardogs/Wardolls dance team auditions. Angela quickly recognized Katie’s talent and at the end of the first season asked Katie to bCapella's ballet in our dance studioecome her assistant coach and to assist with choreographing. While coaching together this dynamic duo lead their dance team to two consecutive second place, wins in the NFL/Arena football (AF2) league dance team competitions. At the time the girls would meet at Angela’s home where the girls would choreograph all the dance team routines. The ladies used the reflection from the TV set to see themselves and creatively choreographed both the winning dance routines. The Wardoll’s dance team competed against 25 to 30 different AF2 dballet dancer in dance studioance team leagues and won with all original choreography. Over the next fourteen years they continued to coach and choreograph for the city of Columbus Georgia arena football teams the Columbus Wardogs/ Wardolls and Columbus Lion’s/ Lady Lion’s. As their journey together continues, since 2010 they have coached and choreographed for Columbus’s River City Youth Football League opening ceremonies. Each year the number of girls performing has grown reaching its highest number in 2014 with 75 girls ranging from ages 5 to 12 years old.

Opening Our Dance Studio

As Angela and Katie approach the next phase of their lives, opening Capella’s Dance School has been a lifelong dream they have shared since before they met. Their love for one another, their passion for dance, and teaching dance is like no other. So they combine their daughters name to form the dance school name “Capella’s” Dance Studio. Together their talents and commitment to teaching others is sure to bring out the shining star in YOU!

Capella is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga, the sixth brightest in the night sky and the third brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus and Vega. Its name is derived from the diminutive of the Latin capra “goat”, hence “little goat”. Capella also bears the Bayer designation Alpha Aurigae (often abbreviated to a Aurigae, a Aur or Alpha Aur). Although it appears to be a single star to the naked eye, it is actually a star system of four stars in two binary pairs. The first pair consists of two bright, large type-G giant stars, both with a radius around 10 times that of the Sun and two and a half times its mass, in close orbit around each other. Designated Capella Aa and Capella Ab, these two stars are thought to be cooling and expanding on their way to becoming red giants. The second pair, around 10,000 astronomical units from the first, consists of two faint, small and relatively cool red dwarfs. They are designated Capella H and Capella L. The stars labelled Capella C through to G and I through to K are actually unrelated stars in the same visual field. The Capella system is relatively close, at only 42.2 light-years (12.9 pc) from Earth.


Photographed by the talented Shannon B. Whittington