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Capella’s Dance Studio is a lifelong passion for teaching and sharing the love of dance.  Teachers brought together by the owner to share variety of talented experienced teachers with a long list of achievements, award winning dance competitions in both personally as well as with their student dance teams over the years. The owner has a multiple title wins for dance groups such as  the Wardoll’s Dance Team, the Columbus Lion’s Lady Lion’s, Coaching the Brookstone Dance Team and leading them to win first place in two competitions .Opening a dance studio has always been the final goal for her with a big heart to share her passion for dance in JazzBalletTap, and  Hip-Hop.  Her love for dance, her talented teachers with their commitment to teaching others is sure to bring out the shining star in YOU! 

Mission Statement

“Where the passion for dance and the love of children come together to help create a shining star.”

Please check the Schedules page for a list of our current class schedules!


“Our power comes from the commitment of many who care about creating positive, empowered, healthy dance environments filled with community building, Life lessons and the nurturing children and teens need to navigate this world as strong, holistic being!” At Capella’s Dance Studio we support this non-profit organization and what it stands for to continue to bring more positive music to the dance world in order to teach to positive lyrics.